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Preview of Upcoming Issue:

Why are these talented Young Men Smiling?


Who Said?

“What can we do as Legionnaires?

  • Go to the games wearing your Legion Cap or other items to show that you are a Legionnaire
  • Ask if there is a task that the team needs help with during the game
  • Take the time to Meet and Greet with players, coaches and parents”

Who Did It?

There have been some major milestones met at our Post over the last few months.

  • Replacement Hand Rail in the side entry into the basement
  • New hand built Flag Retirement box at the front entry
  • New hand built Flag Retirement firebox
  • Replacement of existing ADA ramp with new ADA ramp at back entry
  • Mail Slot in front door
  • New Message Board w/case on front door
  • Privacy curtain for upstairs bathroom area
  • Bullet board upgrades in main Legion Hall
  • Rain gutter repair Southeast corner of building
  • Replacement of basement furnace
  • Replacement of overhead fans in main Legion Hall
  • Troubleshooting and fixing overhead lights

The answers to these questions and the “Rest of the Story” are all answered in the next edition of the American Legion Post 137 Newsletter.

Future Newsletters from Post 137 will include Bonus material on the Post Website NOT included in the printed media. The Website will feature all-color photographs instead of the Black & White photos printed in the hard copy. Additionally, you will be able to access printable documents for Raffles.

Follow the Events and progress of the Newsletter and webpage. Check back frequently to see what is New Bonus material and important updates to Post 137 events. . .


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